A Short History

Dark but not dingy
Dark but not dingy

The King George was formed in the mid 2000's by a young narcissist lad from England. He chose for its location Omiya, a large town where on weekends roads are lined with wenches and on week nights drunken salarymen. The King George quickly became a mecca for the hordes of foreigners fleeing troubles in their homelands and reaping their fortunes in the land of Japan. 


The King George prides itself for its cross-cultural atmosphere, where alliances have been formed of people from all over the world. Inside its burgundy-painted walls, feasting is encouraged with traditional offerings such as fish and chips and shepherd's pie. Beer guzzling is a favorite pastime, with Lowenbrau, Sapporo, Guinness and Bass all available by the barrel. Merry-makers can indulge in singing and dancing at Open Mic nights and regular parties. Bookish types can enjoy discussions of popular stories. 


Be it the lure of the grub or the pull of the booze, one thing is for certain. At The King George in Omiya, you'll be surrounded by good people.



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