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Sad Sayonara to King George Personality

At the end of March, our good friend and pub event organiser, Mark left Japan after almost a decade of building a life in Japan. He has returned to his home-country with his family. The sheer numbers of people who attended his farewell party clearly demonstrate what a popular guy Mark was at our pub. He always listened to everyone with a kind ear. We will miss you Mark!! Feel free to write your good luck messages for Mark in the comment section below.

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Wiseguys/gals Wanted

Win the quiz and jump with joy
Win the quiz and jump with joy

Every pub has its wise guy (or girl) and each month they are more than welcome at the King George Quiz night.


Anyone can enter the competition. It costs 200 yen to play solo or 200 yen per player to play in a team. Each month has a cash prize with ¥15,000+ up for grabs at the December 11th quiz night!!!!


Quiz Night categories are divided into 5 rounds: Film and TV, Music (including a ‘pick the tune’ section), Photo Round (questions related to a selection of images), Sports and General Knowledge. Questions are delivered quickly so you need to have your thinking caps firmly on!


Test your intellectual prowess with some samples from a recent beach themed quiz:


Film and TV: “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water” is the tagline from which movie?


Sports:In which sport would it be a problem if you caught a crab?


Have fun, win cash and boggle others with your brazen braininess. Prove yourself a true wise guy/gal at the next King George Quiz night in Omiya. 


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Calling all Book Worms

Deep in discussion
Deep in discussion

Words and Pitchers is an informal gathering of book lovers, history buffs, pop culture fans and friendly Anglophones. Once a month, the second Tuesday, we assemble to discuss a pre-decided text, usually a short story easily downloaded from this website.

Discourse often gets rowdy as special pitcher prices are offered by the King George, just the thing needed to lubricate any shy tongues.

Words and Pitchers has a standard format. We begin by learning a little about the author and era of the set text, then move on to the nitty-gritty of the story: use of symbols and motifs, character analysis, genre and literary style and more. We finish up with further reading suggestions, with most members at this point being happily inebriated and intellectually satisfied.

Words and Pitchers is open to all and is free of charge. We start at 8 p.m. and typically terminate just before the last trains do.

For more information about this King George book club, contact or talk to the bar staff. 


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A Short History

Dark but not dingy
Dark but not dingy

The King George was formed in the mid 2000's by a young narcissist lad from England. He chose for its location Omiya, a large town where on weekends roads are lined with wenches and on week nights drunken salarymen. The King George quickly became a mecca for the hordes of foreigners fleeing troubles in their homelands and reaping their fortunes in the land of Japan. 


The King George prides itself for its cross-cultural atmosphere, where alliances have been formed of people from all over the world. Inside its burgundy-painted walls, feasting is encouraged with traditional offerings such as fish and chips and shepherd's pie. Beer guzzling is a favorite pastime, with Lowenbrau, Sapporo, Guinness and Bass all available by the barrel. Merry-makers can indulge in singing and dancing at Open Mic nights and regular parties. Bookish types can enjoy discussions of popular stories. 


Be it the lure of the grub or the pull of the booze, one thing is for certain. At The King George in Omiya, you'll be surrounded by good people.



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